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School of Mechanical Engineering
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General School Introduction

Mechanical Engineering College was founded in 1985. After 20 years’ development, it has been one of key and important colleges with moderate scale, rational majors, distinctive disciplines in Hubei University of Technology, it is full of vigor and pays equal attention to teaching and research.

1.      Faculties:

The college comprises six departments, namely, the Departments of Mechanical Automation, Instrument Science and Quality Engineering, Material Processing Engineering, Packaging Engineering, Industrial Engineering, and Industrial Design Engineering. It also consists of three institutes: the Institutes of Mold CAD/CAM, Metallurgy and New Materials, Machinery and Electronic Engineering. Furthermore, it embraces the College Experiment Center, Wuhan Precision Mold Technology Engineering Research Center and Provincial Key Laboratory of Modern Manufacturing Quality Engineering.

2. Bachelor degree and master degree courses:

Currently the college offers 6 BA degree courses and 6 master degree courses. The BA degree courses are Mechanical Design & Manufacturing and Automation, Measurement & Control Technology and Equipments, Material Forming and Control Engineering, Packaging Engineering, Industrial Engineering, and Industrial Design. The master degree courses are Measurement Technology and Equipment, Precision Instruments and Methodology, Mechanical Design and Theory, Material Processing Engineering, Mechanical Design & Manufacturing and Automation, and Machinery and Electronic Engineering.  Instrument Science and Technology is a primary standard discipline of master degree. The disciplines of Instrument Science and Technology, Mechanical Design and Theory, Material Processing Engineering are provincial key disciplines. The college emphasizes interdisciplinary set, relying on the disciplines of Measurement Technology and Equipment, Precision Instruments and Machinery, Mechanical Design and Theory, and Mechanical Design & Manufacturing and Automation, the discipline groups named “Modern Manufacturing Quality Engineering” has been constructed.

3.  Teachers:

At present there are 119 staff members in the college, including 96 full-time teachers, 3 doctor supervisors, 30 postgraduate supervisors, 20 professors, and 37 associate professors; one teacher has been selected as specially-appointed professor by “Chutian scholar plan” in Hubei province, one as “Hubei Provincial Noted Teacher”, three as “Cross-century Discipline Leaders in Hubei Province”, two as “Cross-century Academic Backbones”, and three as “National and Hubei Provincial High-level Talents”. 12 teachers have been enjoying allowance granted by the state council and provincial government. Moreover, the college has five “young and mid-aged scholars with special contributions at provincial level”, three members of “Teaching Instructional Committee” of Education Ministry from 2006 to 2010.

4. Students scale

Currently, the college has an enrollment of 2000 full-time undergraduates, 120 full-time postgraduates.

5. Foreign exchanges

The college is very active in foreign academic exchanges, it has participated the work of doctoral training with Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Northeastern University, and Wuhan University of Technology since 1993. Furthermore, the college has established a wide relationship with domestic famous academic institutes, large and medium-sized enterprises, such as Hubei Institute of Measurement, Hubei Institute of Product Quality Supervision and Inspection. It also has cooperated effectively with many countries’ and regions’ universities in teacher exchanges, student training, and scientific research, such as Vaasa Polytechnic in Finland and German Wuppertal University.

Major & Directions

l Mechanical Design & Manufacturing and Automation

l Measurement & Control Technology and Equipments

l Material Forming and Control Engineering

l Packaging Engineering

l Industrial Engineering

l Industrial Design


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