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HBUT in China Higher Education Fair 2011
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From June 16 to June 26, 2011, 16 universities organized by Hubei Provincial Department of Education held “China Higher Education Fair 2011” in Thailand and Vietnam. Altogether 36 delegates from the 16 universities represented by Wuhan UniversityHuazhong University of Science and TechnologyHubei University and Hubei University of Technology(HBUT), participated in the event. Deputy Director Ms. Long Yan, and Section Chief Ms. Ma Yuting of the International Affairs Department were present at the exhibition on behalf of HBUT.


This fair mainly focused on presenting the advantages and resources of Hubei provincial higher education to Southeast Asian nations, promoting the enrollment of overseas students. In order to impress the locals with the advantageous higher education resources, the delegations held the fair in Hanoi, capital of Vietnam, and Bangkok, capital of Thailand, attracting thousands of students, parents and teachers to the venue for observation and consultation. During the stay in Vietnam and Thailand, the delegations visited Hanoi University and Assumption University. Afterwards, they met the Education Counselor of Chinese Embassy in Vietnam, the Culture Counselor of Chinese Embassy in Thailand, and principal officials of the Ministry of Education both in Vietnam and in Thailand. The visit has enhanced the collaboration and exchange between China and Vietnam as well as China and Thailand in the field of education.

It was the first time that HBUT had participated in education fair abroad, indicating that HBUT had launched the enrollment of overseas students. The number of overseas students is a significant indicator and promoter of the internationalization standard of a university. The enrollment of overseas students is a major task listed in the scheme of international exchange & cooperation for 2011. The International Affairs Department has overcome the shortage of staff and facilities, increased a position specially in charge of the enrollment of oversea students, compiled the “Admission Brochure for International Students” and formulated a series of preferential policies to attract overseas students. Hopefully, the enrollment of overseas students will have seen a breakthrough by the end of this year.


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