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Living in China --by Finnish Exchange students
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Living in China and in Wuhan has been very interesting. The universityl has been quite different than Finland and that is good possibility to learn something new and different.

When we came here, it was very big cultural shock. Everything was so different compared to Finland. For example food, traffic and climate was so different. But we got used to it pretty fast and learned local customs. Communication with local people was quite difficult because very few here in Wuhan speak English.

People in Wuhan are very kind and helpful and that helped a lot of our adapting here. Food was really good after we got used that. 

We would like to thank all those who have made our living so memorable. 

-------By Tuomas Anttila, Teemu Hahto, Petri Joensuu, Juha Leppälä and Mikko Pohjola  


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