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General Introduction

The original base of School of Art and Design is the department of the industrial art design in Hubei Light Industrial College. It was established in 1978 and previously located in Mafangshan area of Wuhan. It was one of the pioneers of marginal design subjects established in the college of science in China. During its 30 years development, it has cultivated  large number of outstanding students in art design and management with 20 former students holding the management position in the department of art and design at the universities in Hubei Province.They are  director Tu Wei in Wuhan Science and Technology University, Prof. Hao Jian in Design Department of Wuhan University, Prof. Xing Yifeng in Art and Design Department of Huazhong Science and Technology University, He Fang in Art and Design School of Wuhan Polytechnic University, director Wang Shanglin, vice director Guo Liqun and Cheng Zhili in Art and Design School of Wuhan Engineering Universityvice director Yang Gaoyu in Art School of Hubei University, director Zhang Yong in Hubei Vocational School. More than 80 graduates act as acedemic leaders and mostly at the famous universities in Bejing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Tianjing, Hangzhou, Nanjing. Many become masters and successful entrepreneurs, such as Chen Fang .He won the international award;  Zhou Yan , president,in Lichuang Brand Plan Company which is large in scale and influence; Li Xiaoquan ,president, Sheng Guangrun,vice-president, in Daye Industrial Design Company,  who enjoyed high reputation among the art and design field. Famous designers spread all over the country, which forms a brand effect of “the Design of Hubei University of Technology” and won great hornors in the field of industry design and art design education.

With the recognition and support of the provincial government and education office, the level of operation and the scale of Art and Design School have been continuousely raised.


Picture 1. Mr. Yu Zhengsheng, the former committee member of Political Bureau visited the school in 2006.



Picture2. The Teaching Building


In 1996, the right of Master’s degree to confer was authorised. In the same year, the Art and Design major was  confirmed as the only key discipline in provincial art design category.

In1997,  the course of the Product Modelling Design was approved as the provincial excellence course.

In June 1998, the experts ofnational education committee for undergraduate teaching evaluation came to inspect our school. They spoke highly of the teaching in our school. The group leader Prof. Huo Yalin wrote down the comment, “the direction of the teaching is tangible and the specialty is distinct.”

In 1999, the school was ranked as the “advantageous subject and featured field” of Hubei Province.

In 2000, the Art and Design School passed the inspectation of the key subject of Hubei Province.

In 2001, the art and design was approved by Hubei Provincial People’sGovernment as the “Chutian Scholar Plan” which could recruit distinguished professors.

In April 2001, the key subject of Art and Design  passed the inspectation of the experts group from the National Education Ministry and regained the good evaluation of the experts.They gave the following comment—“the specialty is distinct and the achievement is prominent.”

In March 2002, we invited Prof. Sun Shouqian from Zhejiang University to teach and conduct  research on industrial design and digital media in our school.

In Octobor 2003, the course of Product Modelling Design passed the provincial assesment and listed as National Excellent Course for application.

In December 2003, the art and design course was ranked as the undergraduate’s brand major of Hubei Province.

In 2006, the course of Pattern Theory was elected as the elite course of Hubei Province.

In 2007, the course Packing Design was elected as t elite course of Hubei Province.

In October 2006, the Art and Design School passed the Natioanl Education Minitry’ evaluation of undergraduate teaching and got excellent marks.

In December 2007, the demonstration center of Art and Design School received the title of Demonstration Center of Universities in Hubei Province.

In January 2008, the Art and Design Course was authorized by Education and Finance Ministry as National Specialized Teaching Center.


Picture 3. Mr. Lu Gang, former director-generalof Hubei Dept.of Education visited the school.


Since the establishment of the School, the achievements in scientific study has been emphasized. The teaching logo is concept, hirizon, creativity and effectiveness. The virtual pattern of “ Using what has been learned and reaping what has been practiced” is encouraged. The teachers and students are encouraged to attend the social comptetions and contests.

The achievements in scientific research are highlighted. In the last 5 years, more than 500 acedemic papers were published, 8 of which were included in SCI, EI and ISTP. 68 acedemic books and 34 books for teaching were published. 28 items of design application research received national awards. 63 items received provincial rewards and other 142 items received other awards as well. 14 items became patent. The funds for scientific study were more then 6,000,000. More than 1000 scientific items won bids and  wre carried out in market. The devotion to the country and reginal economic construction was  highly praised all circles in the society.

There are 98 teachings stuff in our school.There are 80 teachers, among whom there are 10 professors, 23 associated profesors and 23 lecturers. Teachers who are under 45 years of age hold Master or Ph.D’s degrees. There are 2284 students, among whom there are 1851 undergraduates and 213 postgraduates. The school has 6 departments, 2 studios and a center. There are more than 65000 books and 510 different  magazines in the school library. We have excellent teachers with abundant teaching and management experiences, good research environment and advanced teaching and practicing equipment. There are abundant books in the library. We also have many important acedemic and professional magazines and pioneer materials of both home and abroad.

During our 30 years’development, we have educated 2765 undergraduates, 258 postgraduates and 5000 students of other disciplines. The employment status is above 90%. We provide 4 courses, including Art and Design(Graphic Design, Environment Art Design, Computer Art Design, Exhibition Design and Design of Decorative Art Design), Industrial Design(Industrial Design and Toy Design), and Advertisement and Animation. The courses for Master’sDegree students include Graphic Design,   Industrial Design,  Environment Art Design, Decorative Art Design, Advertisement Design and Digital Media Design.

Besides the development of subjects, the school made great effots to improve the teaching&learning conditions.  The modern comprehensive teaching building, the computer center, library and multi-media  classrooms and multifunctional hall were established. In 2005, the University invested 40,000,000 to set up the new building of Art and Design inside the university. The building area covers 30,000 square meters. In August 2007, the Art and Design School moved into the new building. Currently, Art&Design has been regarded as leading status in operation philosophy,schooling  conditions & level, faculties and talents training model in Hubei province. We have achieved  an advanced level among the National Universities of similar disciplines.


Picture 4.The International Design Education Forum was held in the school.


Picture 5.  An exbihition was held in Germany. Xu Kaiqiang,dean of the school  maked an introduntion in the picture.


Going along with the reform and opening of China and the development of economy, we are ready to meet the competetion and challenges of the 21st century, to strengthen the discipline construction and realize the great-leap-forward development. The Prof. Xu Kaiqiang,dean, and Ms. Wang Jinglan ,Secretary-general of Party committee warmly welcome domestic and foreign experts to join us and create a brighter future in the field of art and design.

Contacts: 027-88013310



Majors and Directions

l Animation

l Industrial Design

l Industrial Design (Toy Design)

l Advertisement

l Art Design (Environment Art Design)

l Art Design-Graphic Design

l Art Design (Exhibition Design)

l Art Design-Decoration Art



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