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School of Chemical and Environmental Engineering
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General Information

The School of Chemical and Environmental Engineering, Hubei University of Technology, was founded in 1978. It is an important teaching and research base with distinguish features in the university. In the school, there are four one-class subjects including the key discipline of Hubei Province – “Polymeric Materials Engineering” and the key discipline of the university – “Light Chemical Engineering”. At undergraduate level, there are five specialties – “Polymeric Materials Engineering”, “Light Chemical Engineering”, “Chemical Engineering & Technology” (including two fields: Fine Chemicals and Industrial Analysis), “Environmental Engineering” (including three fields: Environmental Science, Environmental Engineering, Cleaner Production in Chemical Engineering & Light Industry), and “Materials Science & Engineering”. Among them, “Polymeric Materials Engineering” has been elected as “Brand Specialty” of Hubei Province, and “Light Chemical Engineering” has been listed as the featured and focus specialty supported by the university. At graduate level, there are four specialties – “Materials Science”, “Pulp and Paper Engineering”, “Chemical Technology” and “Physics and Chemistry of Materials” (including 18 research fields). Among them, “Materials Science” has been given the right of master degree grant as one-class subject. Also there are two specialties for professional master of engineering – “Technology and Engineering of Light Industry” and “Materials Engineering”. In 2001, the school passed the evaluation for the candidate units applying for the right of doctor degree grant organized by Hubei Province. Furthermore, Laboratory of Analytical Chemistry in the school has been elected as “Excellent Laboratory of Hubei Province”. Three curricula, “Physical Chemistry”, “Organic Chemistry” and “Principles of Chemical Engineering”, have been established as key curricula of the university.

There are 86 faculty members and staffs in the school. Fifty eight percent of them are full professors and associate professors, and recently recruited faculty all are young talents with Ph. D. degree. Among them, there are 2 professors awarded as “Chutian” Scholarship Professors, 1 professor awarded as “Chutian” Lecture Professor, 1 faculty member honored as National Excellent Teacher, 2 faculty members awarded additional allowance by the state, 1 faculty member elected to The New Century Talent Scheme of Hubei Province, 1 faculty member awarded the title of Contributive Middle-Aged Expert of Hubei Province, 1 faculty member honored as Excellent Teacher of Hubei Province, and 1 faculty member elected to The “111” Talent Scheme of Hubei Province.

The school has three provincial or ministerial centers – “Technology & Engineering Center of Light Industrial” of Hubei Province, “Graduate Innovation Center of Cleaner Production” of Educational Ministry and “Demonstration Center of Basic Chemistry Experiment Teaching” of Hubei Province, including the laboratory area of over 1,200 square meters. The collected publications in the school have been identified as Grand One library collection on light industry at research grade. Furthermore, Membrane Separation Center and Membrane Technology Institute, supported by the specialties of “Environmental Protection” and “Chemical Engineering & Technology”, Laboratory of Environment-Friendly Materials on the basis of the specialties of “Polymeric Materials Engineering”, “Light Chemical Engineering” and “Materials Science & Engineering”, are well-known in central China for the long tradition of excellence in engineering research and progeny's transforming.

Taking advantage of the technology on light industry, nowadays the school continuously tries its best to support the development of the regional economies. It has undertaken more than 120 projects supported by National, Provincial or Ministerial Foundations, respectively, including 5 projects supported by National Natural Science Foundation, 2 projects supported by National Torch Program, 4 projects supported by National Development and Reform Commission, 1 key bids-needed project of the provincial government, and 12 projects supported by Provincial Natural Science Foundation. In these years, 8 achievements have been awarded by the provincial or ministerial governments. Meanwhile, 12 manuscripts or textbooks and more than 800 papers have been published. With decades of development, the scientific researches in the school mainly focus on these fields: Polymeric Materials Process Engineering, Natural Materials, Biomass and Environmental Materials, Environmental Protection, Special Paper, Fine Chemicals and Membrane Materials.

Today the alumnus from the school are widely distributed in different fields at home and abroad, such as medical chemistry, light industry, textile industry, food & brewing industry, communications & electronics, materials industry, automotive manufacturing, military industry and other related industries, and make their contribution to the structure and development of national economies. The employment rate of graduating students has been over 94% for many years. The admission rate of graduate students, listed ahead in Hubei Province, has been connectively kept at 20% in the last 5 years, including 10% enrolled by famous universities each year.

Majors & Directions

l Polymer science and engineering

l Light chemical engineering

l Chemical Engineering and Technology

l Environmental Engineering

l The Science and Engineering of Materials


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