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School of Foreign Languages
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General Introduction


School of Foreign Languages offers two undergraduate programs (English, Chinese as a Foreign Language), and one MA program (Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics). These three programs offer students a variety of both compulsory and optional courses, among which College English, Basic English and Advanced English are rated as Best Courses in Hubei University of Technology.

Currently, School of Foreign Languages has an enrollment of over 825 full-time undergraduates and 75 postgraduate students.


School of Foreign Languages has a teaching staff of 100, of whom 95 are full-time teachers with significant educational experience including 3 full professors, 13 associate professors, and a group of young and middle-aged outstanding lecturers. About one-third of the teachers furthered their study in Britain, America, New Zealand, Finland, Australia, and so on. Over 10 young teachers won prizes in Young Teachers’ Teaching Contest held every other year in Hubei University of Technology. In the past three years, the school has undertaken 15 scientific research projects both at national and provincial levels, and 31 books and 216 research papers have been published.

Teaching Departments and Centers:

There are 4 teaching departments in School of Foreign Languages: College English Teaching (Section I), College English Teaching (Section II), English Department, and Department of Chinese as a Foreign Language. In addition, the school has a language training center, a language and culture research center, and a web-based language learning center to help learning, teaching and research.


To help train students’ practical skills, School of Foreign Languages has established good cooperative relationships with Chibi Bureau of Education, Hongan Bureau of Education, Hubei Provincial Museum and so on by sending students to work as interns there.

Contact Information:
Tel:   8627—88016355
Fax:  8627—88021539 

Majors and Directions

l English(English of Science and Technology, Foreign Trade English, Tourism English, English Education)

l Chinese as a Foreign Language


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