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Information about “Teaching in China” on a university campus

School: Hubei University of Technology (HUT)

Address: No.1 Lijiadun, Hongshan District, Wuhan, P.R China

Post Code: 430068




Teaching positions

Work Place:

Campus of Hubei University of Technology


Male or Female

Native English speakers

Australia, Canada, U.S.A, U.K, New Zealand, or Ireland

Teaching method

Enthusiastic, interactive teaching style of teaching is preferred

Qualifications Required:

Bachelor's degree (any major) teaching experience or   TEFL certificate preferred

Teaching courses:

English: Conversational (Oral) English, Writing, Listening, Literature, etc.)

Students’ Age:

18 years and older

Work Year:

One or two semesters


16-18 class hours per week

Monthly Pay:

RMB 4000-5000

Start up Date:

Sept 1, 2010 ( hiring for Spring semester begins mid Feb.)

Contract period:

6 months and/or 1 school year

Travel Allowance:

1,100 RMB

Air ticket allowance:

One way trip for one semester

Reimbursement RMB 5,000


Cooking utensils provided . Many local cafes

Apartment Conditions:

Free spacious accommodation with basic facilities like air-conditioning, TV, bathroom, telephone, furniture, bedding etc





Contact person: Mike

Tel: 0086-027-88034023

Fax: 0086-027-88034023


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