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Prof. Glyn Phillips Reviews the HBUT Hydrocolloid Research Centre
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A delegation headed by Prof. Glyn Phillips, a leading authority in the field of hydrocolloids, visited Hubei University of Technology (HBUT), November 1, 2011, for the purposes of reviewing the annual progress of the HBUT Phillips Hydrocolloid Research Centre which was established a year ago over the 2010 International Top Scientists Wuhan Forum.

HBUT President Liu Defu extended a cordial welcome to the delegates and pointed out that HBUT had been attaching great importance to the hydrocolloid research team and expecting its marvelous achievements. To the satisfaction of President Liu Defu and Prof. Phillips, Dr. Fang Yapeng reported that the HBUT hydrocolloid research team had obtained two nationally sponsored projects and published 5 major papers.

Prof. Phillips’ delegation brought new assignments to the research centre including the establishment of international partnerships and the integrated study into the Chinese herbal medicine, konjac and hydrocolloids.       


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