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VSB Technical University of Ostrava Delegation Visit HBUT
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A delegation from VSB Technical University of Ostrava, Czech Republic, visited Hubei University of Technology (HBUT), February 22, 2012.  The delegation was made up of Mr. Martin, deputy director of the VSB Economics Faculty, and Mr. Mark, examiner responsible for testing the students’ English proficiency.  They evaluated the sophomore students in the HBUT-VSB program, who were intended to go to Czech Republic to complete their undergraduate and postgraduate study.  Afterwards, they had an in-depth discussion with HBUT International Office about feedback from junior HBUT students at VSB, improvements of joint education and application of student visa.

The HBUT-VSB program first started in 2009, offering students joint undergraduate and postgraduate education in the field of international finance, with the initial 2 years at HBUT and the final 3 years transferred to VSB, Czech Republic. Students who have successfully completed the 5-year program will be conferred two Bachelor’s degrees respectively from HBUT and VSB, as well as a Master’s degree from VSB. Economics being its advantaged program, tuition and living expenses being inexpensive, the HBUT-VSB program has been favored by a number of students.

Last September, 17 out of 33, the first group of HBUT-VSB students, who were qualified for the follow-up study at VSB, were transferred to VSB and this year they conveyed back positive messages from Czech Republic. This September, the second group of students is prepared to commence their further study in Czech Republic.    


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