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Director Detlef Appenzeller of GymBay Wuppertal Visits HBUT
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    Prof. Detlef Appenzeller, director of Gymbay Wuppertal, Germany, paid a visit to Hubei University of Technology (HBUT), May 24 to 26, 2012. Terry Ye, director of HBUT International Office, warmly received the distinguished guest.

    Over the reception meeting, Terry presented an overview of the international exchange affairs of HBUT, emphasizing that HBUT had been regarding Germany as a significant strategic collaborative partner country through a brief introduction to HBUT’s accomplishments of frequent exchange and collaborations with German higher education institutions and enterprises. Subsequently, Terry and Prof. Detlef discussed the detailed arrangements and preparation for the upcoming summer camp and cultural exchange program between HBUT and Gymbay Wuppertal. Afterwards, Terry guided Prof. Detlef around HBUT campus, visiting the main teaching building, students’ workshop at the School of Art and Design, Language Teaching Centre and the language laboratories.

    This summer, HBUT is expecting 9 German students from Gymbay Wuppertal for a 21-day summer camp and cultural exchange. Throughout the exchange program, the German students will be allocated to 9 selected HBUT faculty member and staff families fulfilling the role of host families. Currently, the prospective families are actively signing up for the program.

    Prof. Detlef reviewed the general campus environment of HBUT for the purposes of collecting objective and genuine information which would be conveyed to the German students. He was rather content with the HBUT campus environment and anticipated a successful exchange program.


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