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HBUT Hosts the 2012 Forum on Provincially Funded International Exchange Programs
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    Hubei University of Technology (HBUT) hosted the 2012 forum, which was initiated by the Hubei Provincial Department of Education, on provincially funded international exchange programs for higher education institution faculty members. Mr. Liu Ligang, Mr. Qi Pinwei and Ms. Du Shanshan, respectively the director, coordinator and division chief of the Foreign Cooperation and Exchange Office, Hubei Provincial Department of Education, attended the forum. Leader representatives from part of the Hubei provincial universities were invited to the forum. HBUT Vice-president Dong Shijie, together with the leaders of the HBUT International Office and Personnel, received the distinguished guests.


    Over the forum, HBUT Vice-president Dong Shijie first extended a cordial welcome to the participants. Subsequently, Mr. Qi Pinwei briefly introduced the background, significance and trend of the “Hubei Provincial Higher Education Institution Faculty Member International Exchange Plan”, elaborating on the independent procedures, namely the application, preliminary selection and final approval, of the nationally, provincially and scholastically funded international exchange programs, followed by a report of the implementation of the provincially funded international exchange programs in 2011. Afterwards, the higher education institution leader representatives respectively presented their sponsored international exchange program planning, funding distribution and selection system. HBUT International Office shared the accomplishments it achieved as well as the problems it encountered in the application and approval of the programs in 2011. Finally, the forum ended in a fruitful in-depth discussion on the practical experience and lessons throughout the conduct of the provincial international exchange plan. Mr. Liu Ligang concluded that the foreign affairs department and personnel in each higher education institution should strengthen cooperation, make proper arrangements and focus on practical efforts, promoting foreign language proficiency training, facilitating scientific research, exploring foreign exchange media and jointly improving the implementation of the provincial higher institution faculty member international exchange plan.      

    Ever since its initiation, increasing importance has been attached to the provincial international exchange plan, to which each provincial higher education institution has made remarkable adjustment as part of their foreign affairs. Last year, 33 HBUT faculty members qualified for nationally or provincially funded international exchange programs and were awarded an aggregate fund of 17,965,000 RMB that is the largest amount on record with a top ranking among all the provincial higher education institutions.       


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