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HBUT and Rajamangala University of Technology Isan Surin Sign MOU
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    A delegation from Rajamangala University of Technology Isan(RMUTI), Surin Campus, Thailand, headed by Vice-president Thanabhatr Sowapark, visited Hubei University of Technology (HBUT), June 27, 2012. HBUT Vice-president Dong Shijie received the delegates.

    Over the reception meeting, HBUT and RMUTI exchanged the general facts and figures including the basic information of schools, departments, programs, and teaching resources. HBUT Vice-president Dong Shijie extended a warm welcome to the delegation, emphasized the similarity in the programs that were offered at both universities, and hoped that HBUT and RMUTI could promote further in-depth cooperation. RMUTI Surin Vice-president Thanabhatr Sowapark expressed his gratitude to HBUT for the warm reception and anticipated a successful partnership in the near future. Subsequently, HBUT and RMUTI Surin had a detailed discussion on the scope of collaboration that was of mutual interest, such as HBUT selecting and sending Chinese language teachers to RMUTI Surin, HBUT providing RMUTI Surin Chinese teachers with professional training programs, HBUT introducing teachers from RMUTI Surin for Thai teaching, and the two universities establishing joint education programs, short-term faculty members and students exchange programs based upon credit recognition etc. Hopefully, part of the programs will be initiated this September.


    RMUTI Surin and HBUT signed a Memorandum of Understanding afterwards, entering into a general agreement of collaboration. RMUTI Surin thus became the second official Thai educational partner of HBUT, indicating further development of the cooperation between HBUT and Southeast Asian higher education institutions.

A brief introduction to Rajamangala University of Technology Isan      

    Rajamangala University of Technology is a national higher education system in Thailand, which was initially established by the royal household, and is directly administered by the Ministry of Education, Thailand. The system focuses on the education and research of science and technology. As a member of the system, Rajamangala University of Technology Isan has five campuses, Surin Campus being one of them, which offers diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate degree granting programs. Surin Campus consists of two faculties, namely the Faculty of Agricultural Technology and the Faculty of Management Technology. The Faculty of Management Technology affiliates eight departments, among which the linguistics department offers programs such as Western Linguistics, Thai and Oriental Linguistics, demanding a certain number of faculty members teaching the Chinese Language.

    Ms. Jin Jing, HBUT graduate majoring in Teaching Chinese as A Second Language, went to RMUTI Surin in 2010 and has been teaching Chinese there for three years. She is highly acclaimed and popular among the students and colleagues there.






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