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HUT Won the Third Prize in Competition among Small Groups in Robot European Open Held in Hannove
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Leaded by Mr. Shu Jun from the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering of HUT, the robot team, consisting of two students, Liu Yi and Yang Yiaowu, won the third prize in Competition among "Small Groups" in "Robot European Open" held in Hannover, Germany. This is the first time HUT participated in this international competition.   

The Series of activities of "The Robot World Cup", sponsored by the Robot Soccer International Organization, is an international education and research initiative with the largest scale and a leading position. It is an attempt to foster Artificial Intelligence and Robot Technology research.

With its unique charm, it becomes one of the events with the most influence and the highest level among all kinds of international robot competitions. There are many world-famous participants from American Carnegie Mellon University, American Cornell University, American Stanford University, University of New South Wales-Sydney Australia, The University of Tokyo, Nanyang Technological University-Singapore, University of Amsterdam-Netherlands, Universitaet Dortmund, Tsinghua University and University of Science and Technology of China. Some world-famous companies like SONY and SGI are its long-term sponsors.

In 2007, the Botnia Dragon Knights Robot Soccer Team was jointly established by HUT and Vaasa University. Through this competition, this team has attained great experience which will lay a sound foundation for RoboCup 2008 Suzhou in July. Meanwhile, a wide range of disciplinary technologies will be integrated and examined in Robocup project involving Machinery, Electronics, Sensor, Telecommunication, Computer Image, Artificial Intelligence and Automation and so on, which is of great importance to the discipline construction of our university.  


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