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HUT comes to 3-minute standstill
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Air raid sirens, cars horns and ring bells wailed on campus and more than 20,000 staff and students stood for three minutes in silence to mourn the tens of thousands of victims in Wenchuan earthquake at 2:28pm, May 19.

At that time, all of staff and students halted to pay a silent tribute to victims of the quake. The Chinese characters on the banner read: Deep mourning for Wenchuan quake victims.

Actively responsive to Wenchuan Earthquake, the total donation from staff and students are respective up to 391,000 Yuan and 115,600 Yuan .

In front of the Administrative Building, the faculty pays a three-minute silent tribute

On the sports field, over 5,000 students mourn for the dead in Wenchuan earthquake solemnly and respectfully regardless of hot weather and high temperature.


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