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University of Wuppertal(Germany)
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Joint Program Model: 2+2

The University of Wuppertal,founded in 1972,offers four campuses with a diverse range of programmes.

Whether you wish to develop your skills or enhance your career prospects Wuppertal University offers a very wide choice of programmes in science, engineering,economics,the humanities as well as educational science,design and architecture.

Emphasis is placed on an intensive interaction between all disciplines.

The interdisciplinary focus in research and teaching is a direct response to the demands placed on future young professionals.

The University of Wuppertal has co-operations with many universities and research centres throughout the world.

Every year numerous international students and scientists come to Wuppertal to study and research at an internationally recognised high level.


About 14,000 students benefit from high-level academic approaches in teaching and the University’s engagement in research and international collaboration supported by 293 professors, 370 academic staff and 561 nonacademic staff. The yearly budget of the University of Wuppertal is about 121 million Euros.


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