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University of Marburg(Germany)
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Students exchange

University and Town

Landgrave Philipp founded the university in 1527 as the first Protestant university in the world. It started with four subjects: Theology, Law, Medicine and Philosophy. Today it has 17 departments that offer a wide range of subjects in the natural sciences and liberal arts. Numerous famous people studied or taught in Marburg.

Internationalisation has always been a matter of course. Currently more than 12% of the student population are foreign nationals. The University is an integral part of the scenic town of Marburg situated on the river Lahn 100 km north of Frankfurt. The town with its 80,000 inhabitants (approx. 50,000 in the centre) is dominated by the castle on the hill, its 19,400 students and about 4,000 people working for the university. A saying goes "Other towns have a university, Marburg is a university". It reflects the unique historic atmosphere. Wherever you are in the town, you are part of a vibrant academic community.

Connecting People Internationally

The Philipps-Universität is a long established popular address for international scientists, academics and students around the world, as can be seen in the 2000 plus students from 120 nations who study in Marburg each year.

Visiting students and students from Marburg can take advantage of opportunities to gain academic experiences beyond the borders of their countries of residency, which are made available by Philipps-Universität provisions through individual agreements and arrangements set up in cooperation with partner universities in over a dozen countries (see partner institutions).

In 2005 the Philipps-Universität was one of the first German universities to receive the E-Quality Seal, which the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), the national ERASMUS agency, awards to higher education institutions for particular quality and innovation in the implementation of European mobility measures. It also includes the evaluation of the university’s progress in integrating Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees and the European credit transfer system (ECTS) into the curriculum (see courses of study). Marburg was especially accredited for its particularly efficient work in adopting the Bologna Agreement.

The Philipps-Universität also helps students overcome the language barriers to courses offered in Germany, for example, by providing German language courses on all levels or via the International Undergraduate Study Program (IUSP).  The IUSP enables visiting students to complete the first part of their studies in English, while maintaining the necessary development of their German language skills and deeper understanding of the German culture, history and present-day society.

Students from all over the world who simply wish to study in Marburg for a few weeks, rather than completing their entire course of studies here, often attend the International Summer University (ISU). Here students can learn about European politics, economics, history and culture as well as the Federal Republic of Germany’s role in Europe. It goes without saying that the courses offered are organized to enable students receive the corresponding credits at their home universities.

Junior scientists and academics can also find suitable facilities at the Philipps-Universität: Our university is known for its wide range of quality courses and in part internationally focused post-graduate programs.

Teaching and conducting research in Marburg also means living and experiencing life in Marburg, therefore our efforts in connecting people internationally are well-rounded by the supportive services offered by the Welcome Centre, which helps foreign scientists and academics prepare for their residence in Marburg and have a smooth passage into their new environment.


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