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University of Sunderland(England)
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Students exchange

The University

The University has been providing higher education in the city since 1901. The key to this longevity is its ability to adapt to change - something that former Education Secretary Estelle Morris highlights:
"The University is extremely good at adapting - constantly seizing new agendas and changing with society...when new ideas are announced academia trails in their wake, taking too long to adjust but Sunderland takes its opportunities and leads the field."

Student Life

Your time as a student is probably the best of your life - a time when you gain your independence, make lifelong friends and prepare yourself for your new career.

Here at Sunderland we have everything in place to ensure your experience is as lifechanging as you hope - from your accommodation needs to a thriving social calendar.

Independence is something you are no doubt looking forward to, but rest assured we are there should you need us. Our support package is probably one of the best in the UK - from the minute you walk through the door to the day you leave, and beyond, we are there for you. Our support comes in all shapes and sizes - from help with personal issues to finding jobs, to choosing an industrial placement or even setting up a business.


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