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Vaasa University of Applied Science(Finland)
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Research Cooperation,Teaching Staff & Students exchange

The University

Vaasa University of Applied Sciences (VAMK)is a multidisciplinary, multilingual and international institution providing bachelor and master levels higher education and research services within Technology and Communication, Business Economics and Tourism as well as Health Care and Social Services. VAMK has approximately 3,500 students enrolled and a staff of over 240 members.

Profile of VAMK:

  • High Technology

  • International Business and Tourism

  • Highly Developed Health Care and Social Services

with special emphasis on combining the unique entrepreneurial spirit of the region with international awareness, languages and culture in education.

Student Life

Studies in Vaasan ammattikorkeakoulu (VAMK), University of Applied Sciences, are multiform, extensive and based on optionality. VAMK student services are available in every unit throughout the studies. The services are aimed to support the student to follow his/her study plan with a readiness to move into working life. The services are available in English, Finnish and Swedish in all the units of VAMK.

Careers and Recruitment Services

Polytechnic students complement their studies with work placement. Career and Recruitment Services promotes, for example, career planning and employment throughout studies, sustain post graduation contacts and continuing education and supplies recruitment services for employers.

 Study Guidance

The whole personnel participates in guiding the students as experts in their own fields. Student guidance is coordinated by the Student Counsellors in co-operation with the Deputy Rectors. The Student Counsellors guide and support the students in problem situations.

Practical Training

During the practical training period the students familiarise with the working procedures and tasks in their own field of specialisation. The training period increases the students' professional skills and motivation. During the training period the students become acquainted with the activities, culture, work and social life of the organisation. The training period will emphasise internationalisation, entrepreneurship and professionalism.




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