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Susan Seats

       My name is Susan Seats, an American from the sunny state of California. I  have a Master’s Degree in Rehabilitation. My work experience is mainly in the field of social services. I have taught Conversational English in Thailand and in Arizona, U.S.A. Here at Hubei University of Technology, I teach the students Oral English.  I also teach a special class of teachers, who want to improve their English speaking ability. 
      I love my students and enjoy teaching them through a variety of techniques. I like the classes to be very interactive so the students can be active participants.I enjoy hearing the thoughts and ideas students have. Some of the students seem like wise old souls.   
      My personal interests include travel, learning about different cultures, hiking mountains, magic, piano, and dancing.
      I have four brothers and a sister.This is my first trip to China and I am glad I came to this University.  From the moment I stepped off the plane, the Chinese and foreign teachers, and the teaching assistants have been very kind and helpful. Everything seemed so new and a bit overwhelming at first but now I enjoy life here very much. 
      The apartment is very comfortable and decorated with nice furniture. It has all the amenities I need, including heat and air-conditioning. The International Office takes special care of the foreign teachers and addresses any questions and concerns with patience and understanding. I especially like the location of our apartment. The stores and cafes are easy to walk to.
      This University has a nice campus with many beautiful buildings. My sense is that this University strives to achieve greatness in the programs it has to offer the students. I see many teachers wanting to improve their post by doing research and publishing articles. My hope is that the reputation of this school will continue to attract great teachers and students.
      My advice to improve one’s ability to speak English is practice, practice, practice. I think the Chinese” English” teachers have done a fabulous job in teaching grammar. Now the students must learn to improve their ability to think and speak creatively in English.  There are many ways to improve. There are many ESL sites on the computer. These sites often contain audio programs, songs, games and exercises designed for English learners. Watching English movies, listening to English radio stations and singing English songs, can also prove helpful. Lastly, make some time each day to speak to another classmate using “English” only. You can speak about any topic and practice the dialogues in the textbook..
      As far as expectations for my students, I ask them to review the chapter we will be focusing on in class. That means to read the conversation before class and be prepared to ask questions about words and phrases they are confused about. I also want them to come in with a positive attitude toward learning English. I want them to think “I can learn this” and “I will try my best”. Making mistakes is a natural part of the process. It is how we learn. Basically a student must take responsibility for their learning. He or she must be willing to dedicate time into practicing during the week.  Knowing English will allow students  to be in touch with the “wider world”. In the future it may also give students a chance for a good job as well. 

Karen Tripp

      My name is Karen Tripp, and I'm a Canadian from Ontario near Toronto. I have always been an English teacher, mainly in Canada, but also in  England, Ecuador, Guyana, and Japan.In 1989,I came to China ( Fujian province) as a tourist. It was cold that winter too. When I returned in 2003 as a teacher for Lambton College in Wuxi so much had changed. I have also taught in Changchun and Nanchang. What opportunities have I had to see much of China and meet so many wonderful people!
      This is my first visit to Wuhan. It has certainly been wet and cold. This has been balanced by the friendly and helpful people I have met.
      I believe that in order to learn English well one must cover all aspects of listening, speaking, writing, and reading. Always seize opportunities. In class, students should avoid rephrasing in Chinese, work hard, listen well, attend, and look for ways to become independent language learners
      Students and teachers can form a team for success.Let's hope for a successful semester.

Karl Volker Christian Bischoff

   1. My field is American Literature; I am interested in modernist poetry, especially Ezra Pound, and cultural phenomena such as eating habits. One of my projects is "Overweight and Obesity in the U.S.A": It might be interesting to compare the situation in China.
   2. I am deeply impressed by the continuous efforts to work for economical growth and social progress. I also admire the hunger for knowledge and the complete absorption in studying the students at HUT show.
   3. Practise, practise, practise and make progress every day.
   4. I expect students to do their assignments.
   5. 河海不择细流。


      My name is Ourania, I’m from Greece and I’m the German teacher in this university.I’ve being teaching here almost three years, and I’ ve seen many changes for the better in this short time.When I first came here many of the buildings you see now on campus were not yet finished, our school was not so nice as is it is today.
      I’d like to take the opportunity to thank all the people who helped me and made me feel welcome from the first in this university.
Let me tell you a little more about my self. I went to school in Switzerland and Greece and in university in Germany where I studied Sinology, Ideology and History of Religions.I can speak German, English, a little Chinese and of course Greek.
      Many of my students ask me: ‘How did you manage to learn these languages?’ In fact there is no big secret here. Just two things: patience and practice.
      First patience; we all know how difficult it is to learn a new language. So what we must do at the beginning is to spend a lot of time learning. I don’t mean just Grammar. We must also spend a lot of time listening and speaking. How do we do that? A good way to improve our listening ability is to watch some movies, listen to news on the Radio or TV. Don’t give up, if at fist you don’t understand everything, listen to it again and again. I always advise my students to practice listening half an hour everyday after class. You will be amazed at the results if you keep doing it.
      Second practice: There’s only one way to do that. Speaking. Don’t be afraid of mistakes, everybody makes them, even teachers! Remember one thing though: you must speak clearly, don’t try to imitate accents in cost of clarity!
If you don’t have anyone to speak to, or you feel shy, then there’s another way; take a book and read it out loud to yourself. This is what I did and it helped me a great deal.
      A third way is to form little groups with your classmates and speak to each other. When I was studying my classmates and I met every Sunday went shopping or for a cup of coffee and spoke Chinese! Of course we made a lot of mistakes, but we helped each other to learn and improve.
      To close with this small introduction I would like to say a few words about my likes and dislikes. I like reading, listening to music and watching movies. I don’ t like sports so much, only swimming.That’s all. This is who I am.
      I hope you find my ideas on how to learn a language useful and I also hope that they can help you as much as they did me.

 Paul Pineau

      I am from Canada's garden province, Prince Edward Island. My work experiences include working for two federal government departments, working in private business as a purchaser and materials coordinator, and teaching in elementary,high school and university. I have been teaching in China since 2001, including almost 4 years in Wuhan.
      I enjoy life, living and activities that sustain and promote good health, a healthy lifestyle. The activities include travel, learning and exploring; all types of music especially opera, classical and jazz; exercise including workouts at the gym and participating in some sporting activities especially individual sports. My likes and interests range from art, architecture, dance to good healthy foods (including cooking) from various cultures including my own.....I dislike people who are disrespectful and activities that are harmful to life, both to the physical and mental health. This is especially true when my life, my health is threatened.
      My first impressions are not my present impressions. I still find HUT a little remote from the center of Wuchang and the rest of Wuhan... The university has been very good to me especially members of the International Office and my students.... I am enjoying the new experiences that I am receiving from the courses that I am teaching. The first impression of Wuhan as a large messy and disorganized city has been tempered by my impressions of the people of Wuhan as a result of my contact with many. In general, people in Wuhan are very friendly and are always ready to assist me whenever assistance is required.  As I am becoming more aware of the culture in Wuhan, I have a better understanding and appreciation of the various aspects of life in the city. I am constantly being stimulated and continue to learn new things when I travel to different parts of this large city.....
The best advice I can give to anyone learning English as a foreign language well is to practice, including conversing with someone who speaks the language well.
      I expect the students to be attentive, to participate in the class when asked including asking questions and commenting on what the class is about, and to come to class on time. 
      It is important to be current on the subject, make the material as relevant as possible and mix things up in the teaching presentations.... 

Amandine Camps

     Bonjour! I'm Amandine Camps, the French teacher. I'm from Marseille, in the south of France. I'm someone who likes to discover new cities, new countries.
     I travelled in China five years ago when i studied at Chongqing southwest normal university, and i loved many places in your country.
 In my travels, I've met the Mossuo people in luguhu and it was a wonderful experience.
     I like sharing ideas and meeting new people. I don't like egoists who only think about themselves.
     I feel very welcome at the university and look forward to discovering Wuhan city.
    To learn French, i think that's first you have to know the French alphabet and then read in French. Try to watch movies in French.
    I expect the students to listen to me with attention speak French as often as possible. I also want them to do their homework.     


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